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All ages outdoor venue


No bags

No alcohol

No cigarettes

No outside drinks
All performers must be reviewed and approved by Gift and Thrift. The review process is only to ensure we haven't had issues with any performers in the past and to make sure no on is on any abuser list.

You must have one member of your own the entire event.

That member of your team must stay until venue is cleared and cleaned up.
$100 non-refundable deposit to save the 
Another $150 due day of event (during or after is fine).

We provide:
Two mics

We sell drinks and water.

If you choose to have vendors or food, we manage the vendor sign up and charge each vendor $40. Arrangements can be made for fundraisers and charity events.

We can provide a ticket link so we can cross promote

You keep all the ticket sales minus 10% only if you choose to use our ticket link otherwise you are more than welcome to use your own or just charge at the door.

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