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03.25.23 Market on Main Mesa Music Madness


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We are excited to have our second Pride themed market in Downtown Mesa! This page is designed to provide details and information to the vendors and performers of the event. The market is free to the public to attend. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at We can't wait to celebrate with all of you!

At this time the market is completely sold out! Below is some general information to look over. 


At this time we are still working on the map and will send out an email closer to market day with more details.

For now the general information is listed below:

CHECK IN – Before you setup your tent please check in at the Gift and Thrift booth.
You’ll get the following items:
Vendor Lanyard
Table signage which has the agenda for the market and some quick information if anyone asks you.
Please return the sign to the Gift and Thrift booth at the end of the night.

FOOD VENDOR PERMIT> Here is the link to the Maricopa Seasonal Permit Application.

Here is the information you'll need from us when you fill it out.

Event Name: Market on Main
Event Address: 1 N Macdonald Mesa, AZ 85201
Coordinator Name: Nadeen Hathaway
Coodinator Phone: 480.489.1370
Coodinator Email:

If you have any questions or need help filling out the form you can contact

Starletta Brown, PhD, REHS/R.S.

Environmental Specialist Supervisor | Mobile Food/Special Events Program 

Maricopa County Environmental Services Department

Phone: 602.506.0046| Fax: 602.372.6043

IMPORTANT LOADING PROCESS: (if for any reason these times do not work for you please email us ASAP) – DO NOT SETUP merchandise or food AND UNLOAD UNTIL NADEEN or STEVEN approve your placement. (we are trying to avoid anyone spending a ton of time setting up to then find out they are in the wrong space.

LOAD TIME: All vendors other than any food truck or vendor with a truck, please come and drop off your tent at 12pm to mark your space. Start to setup anytime between 12pm and be setup by 2:30pm. Anyone not present and starting to setup by 2pm will have their space moved to somewhere else. Day of the event some people call out sick or have emergencies, we fill in the blank spaces by moving the vendors around a little as necessary. If you are late then we'll assume you're not able to make it and will fill in your space by 2:15pm.

PARKING: To unload your tent and inventory please park in the green parking lot behind Milano's Music Store. Do not drive into the market area. Once you've unloaded your setup, please try and move your vehicle to further parking lot prior to 3:00pm so the people coming to shop the market have more places to park.


TABLE SETUPS: You have access to 6ft of space for a table. We do not provide tables or tents. Each table is limited to two chairs and two people working the table. All of your items and setup must fit on or behind the table. Nothing can bet setup to the side or in front of your table space. There is a height limit. Please do not have anything on your table exceed three feet from the top of your table. If you paid for a table space but planned to only have a clothing rack, that is fine as long as you are only taking up a 6ftx4ft space. There is no access to electricity. We suggest solar or battery operated lights. Even during setup, please keep all walkways and drives clear of any items.

10x10 TENT SETUP: You have access to 10x10 of space to put up a tent. Tents, tables and chairs are not provided. There is no access to electricity unless you've made previous arrangements with us. All merchandise must fit inside of your tent. No racks or signage outside of your 10x10 space or in walk ways. Even during setup, please keep all walkways and drives clear of any items.

MUISC: We'll have music throughout the event. Please no personal speakers or music in your spaces.


FOOD TRUCKS: 11am to drop off your tent/truck/trailer etc. It’s important to get you in first and settled while everyone else sets up around you. If you want to bring enough food to start selling to the Downtown public and vendors early, please feel free to. But please make sure you are prepared to not sell out before 9PM. The market in June had 2,000 people.

TRASH: Please do not bring any large boxes or packaging and out it in the garbage cans along the streets. We empty all the garbage ourselves at 10 when the market is over and sometimes there are full TENT cardboard packaging boxes. Please try and keep the setup garbage to a minimum if possible. At the end of the night please make sure your area is clean.

BATHROOMS: There will be porta johns in the parking lot behind US Bank. The businesses along Main Street do not have public restrooms, please point people to the porta johns when they ask. Downtown Mesa has a very old sewer system and pipes, so the more traffic we can direct to the porta johns is greatly appreciated.

ELECTRICITY: There is access to electricity along some of the sidewalks on Macdonald and Main. If you are placed on the map near an electrical outlet, you are welcome to use it. Extension cords are not permitted to cross any walkway (taped or not). We suggest taking the top off of your tent when the sun goes down to allow in the light from the street lights.

CITY RULES: Please help us always keep a 6ft walkway open. Keep in mind that wheelchairs and strollers need a 6ft clearance to make it through.


CONDUCT: We understand that you paid for a space, and we greatly appreciate you. While vending at the market you are a representation of Market on Main and Gift and Thrift. We ask that you keep that in mind throughout the market. Be kind and patient to the other vendors, city workers, volunteers, brick and mortar business owners, musicians, and us. We are very proud of what the market has become, and we’re excited to host many more so it’s important that we keep a good relationship with all people involved so we can continue to highlight local artist and music.
No smoking at or near your space. Please smoke in the parking lots only.
No alcohol of any kind at your space.
2 People to each tent/table space please. We know some people bring their kids and they are more than welcome to be with you, and they do not count for the 2 people max. Please, please, please just make sure that they stay with you. The crowd will be very large this time around. If you need someone to watch your space while you get water or go to bathroom, please flag us down so we can have someone watch your space for you.
Phones: Please be off of your phone when possible at your space. We’ve had feedback that sometimes people just sit back on their phone. We promise your sales will increase and you’ll have so much more fun if you engage with the people and enjoy the market away from your phone.

Adult content/items: Please just be mindful that there are families that shop the market. Any adult content related items, please keep at your booth in a space that is appropriate. We’ve never had an issue with this, you all have been very mindful of the kids that come through the market.
Restricted content: The only restriction is all references to ACAB. We have a close working relationship with the Mesa PD and we feel it’s a contradiction to call them when we need them and then to also promote antipolice items. We are aware of current events and we as people are supportive of Black Lives Matter and reallocation of funds to improve policing.
Because of the Pride themed event Mesa PD has provided additional resources to keep our market and community safe. We are very thankful to them for that. The market takes place on city property and for the day our special event license allows us to have a say as a private event. If for any reason you don’t want to participate in the market because of this restriction please let us know.
We reserve the right to ask any vendor to pack up and leave at any time due to conduct. Sucks to have to include this line but the last market we had a vendor be incredibly difficult which takes away from us helping all the other vendors.


NEXT MARKET: This is an exclusive announcement. Next “Market on Main” will be March 25th 3-9pm.

You can sign up here early with $20 off using the code PRIDEVENDOR

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