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Why Mesa needs a new venue and why this venue is what Mesa needs. Mesa needs a place for youth to create and build a community together. They lost two vital years of making friends, connections, social experiences, making music or art other than in their rooms alone. They do not have trust in the government, adults, or religious organizations. The pandemic and political chaos and confusion has prompted them to just turn away from it all and turn to each other instead.

Depression, overdoses, and suicide are at a record high amongst those under the age of 25. That alone should be enough reason to come together and give them a place where they can try and make up for lost time, give them something and somewhere to look forward to and grow together. Over the last two years we’ve observed them, had the opportunity to have hundreds of one on one conversations with them, even housed one or two when they needed. We promise that this is what they need. It’s important that this building, this church is the building because there are little to no buildings in Mesa that are zoned for gathering. 400 N Pima is a special place and has been a pillar in the Mesa community for over 100 years. The building served as the first black church in all of Mesa during segregation. From its foundation, the building has stood for joy and community.  

Help us get 300 people to be members of the Mesa Art Society and their membership dues will pay for the rent and utilities of the building. All other expenses can be acquired with future fundraising. We just need to start with the place. All maintenance and upkeep of the building operations will be volunteer, and community based. Large projects like murals or outreach programs and events will come to votes amongst the monthly members. The young adults/kids will feel they have a say in the purpose of the building.

You can either pay $10/month and get free access to all the shows or contribute $5 a month just as a supporter from afar. Alternatively, one-time donations are much appreciated as well.

Please follow Gift and Thrift Instagram or Facebook for updates. We are hoping to have the name of the building voted on by the members, along with what social media platforms (if any) they choose to have for the building. For now, we will share updates and communication through Gift and Thrift until they choose their own way to communicate.

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Help get an art venue for Mesa!


Thank you for your donation!

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