If you've made it to this page then you're an approved creator and we're excited to have your creations in our stores! 

These are your next steps.

1. Pay the one-time fee of $50>

2. Sign up for the monthly creator subscription below.

3. Pick a date and time through this form that you can come to the shop and drop off your inventory and discuss your custom display options.

We're very excited to have you in the shop and we look forward to growing together!

  • In Store Creator

    Every month
    Monthly Featured In Store Vendor
    Valid for 12 months
    • 10 items max in each shop at any given time.
    • Custom display for 10 items with QR code for followers
    • Custom Landing Page with your social media and shop links
    • Monthly Lifestyle photoshoot
    • Professional product photos
    • Monthly advertising on social media
    • Exposure and promotion of your brand
    • Weekly Concerts Traffic
    • Downtown Mesa Store Location Exposure
    • Mesa Drive Store Location Exposure
    • Full-Time Staff
    • Workshops, both online and in person
    • Market Vendor Discount 50% Market on Main Vendor Fee
    • Mesa Drive Market Free Vendor Space 10x10 (one time a month)