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Black Cat Jewelry Studio

Say hello to Black Cat Jewelry Studio. We may be new, but boy do we have big dreams and a whole lotta heart! Our materials are carefully selected for their unique aesthetic and durability.

Cost of Chaos

My name is Kat Fury and I'm a mixed medium artist specializing in acrylic paintings, ceramics and cosplay. I also teach paint classes at ABR Creations and run my pet care business, Kat's Critter Care.

Doggy Dessert Chef

Dogs are our besties! They bring so much love and joy to our lives, we should do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. Grab a cookbook, or something else fun, and show your dog the love!

Dot Sol Art

If I can dot all my life, I'll do it.

Grandeur Lathers

I'm obsessed with homemade anything. When I saw people make their own soap, I HAD to try it. I LOVED IT! I wanted to create my own soap to look and feel great. I hope you enjoy!

Meraki Natural Balance

We are proud to make hand poured candles without any toxic or petroleum ingredients, 100% soy wax and premium fragrance. Each candle has unique personality, I let the flowers drive my inspiration.


Unlike other artists, I use vibrant colors to create bold works of art to bring fun and energy into any space. Creating allows me to calm my anxious mind and create meaningful connections with ot

Self-Care Stitches

Hi! I’m Rachel! Crochet has been my hobby and self-care activity for a long time and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share this art form with others! Cheers to taking care of ourselves!

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