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Booking Request

Let us know below what you're trying to put together.

Dates: Please select up to three dates that would work for the show or event that you are trying to put together.

We always try our best to make every request work.


At this time we have a few types of shows we help put together. It helps us to know what kind of show you are looking for. Here is a quick break down of the show types.

Touring Act - You can pick your locals or we can handle that. We try and make sure the touring act is paid. It's important that you tell us the dollar amount to make it worth it for you so we know if we can make it work or not.

Free Community Show - No Pay but you can get tips.

Gift & Thrift Curated Show - You get paid if you sell tickets. We cover all venue fees and ads.

Promoter/Band Curated Show - You pay a venue/organization fee to us but you keep all of your ticket sales. Fee depends on the venue.

Up for ANYTHING - We have a ton of acts that we book for different types of events. Let us know if you're just down to play!

Other - We are always up for new ideas and collaborations, tell us what you're thinking!

Select the show type below...


Show Type

Thanks for submitting!

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