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Awesome show and event for a good cause. @Prideandpunk97 asked to use our space to have a benefit event to gather funds and supplies for the Houseless. They have been heavily involved with the houseless community throughout the entire year and they know what items are needed through the cold weather and holiday season. Join us in helping them to make this event a success. Joining us will be @wastelanddistro602

Interested in being a vendor? Vendor fee is $10 - Apply Here>

All proceeds and items go to @phxanarfed for their weekly food and supplies distribution.

Music Lineup | Bad Cactus Brass Band | Gushr | A Better Problem

$5 Cover or an item from this needs list:

  • Socks

  • Jackets

  • Blankets

  • Tents

  • Gloves

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Warm Hats

  • Underwear

  • Sneakers

  • Hygiene Products

  • Basic First Aid (Band-Aids. wipes, etc.)

  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Body Wash

  • Toothbrushes

  • Q-Tips

  • Gauze

  • Tums

  • Lip Balm

  • Inspect Repellent

  • Nonperishable food that isn't canned

  • Books

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For someone that’s constantly going to shows, it’s rare when I attend one that moves me. I’m talking chills, lump in throat, topped off with the whole “no I just have something in my eye” spiel. I can count on one hand the names of artists that are responsible for causing such a reaction out of me. Three being my all time favorite bands, and the other two, I saw for the first time last Sunday night at the Gift and Thrift house.

I was first introduced to HANDSXFEET by Steven and Nadeen from Gift and Thrift. Back in September of this year they had put together a show at The Underground, where he would be headlining. Although I didn’t attend the show, it was around this time when I became familiar with HANDSXFEET. Admiring the lyrics, aesthetic, and message he brings with his music. Even before seeing HANDSXFEET live, there is a strong energy that radiates from his project. Exuding hope, strength, acceptance, and hunger, and it is extremely contagious.

That being said, I was stoked at finally having the chance to experience HANDSXFEET live, and I’m glad it was somewhere as intimate as Gift and Thrift. Making his entrance wearing a hockey mask, thrashing, and screaming, you can’t help but to suddenly feel energized. Ready to jump and scream the lyrics right back at him. In between songs, he talks about the importance of mental health awareness, sobriety, and staying alive. When he touches on the subject of suicide and loss, there’s a heaviness in the air, and I instinctively rest both of my hands on my chest. When I look around, I notice I’m not the only one doing this. Looking up and pointing to the sky, while his other hand holds the mic, there’s a look of pure passion and vulnerability on the face of HANDSXFEET. A familiar look. One that I notice on the face of sincere musicians, who seriously love what they do. And with that, he goes into his next song.

The next artist I saw that night was iiwaa. Their Frank Ocean -esque single, Peach Szn, had been stuck in my head since its release, and prior to that, it was the melancholic and mellifluous song, Boys Don’t Cry (which is my favorite, and the first song I heard from iiwaa). Before the show I had met iiwaa. Naturally, I expressed my love for Boys Don’t Cry, and when I said this, they made my night by replying with “I’m gonna play that song tonight. But don’t tell anyone. It’s a surprise.”

When they opened with Peach Szn, I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one singing along. Something that always makes a performance instantly better for me, is when you can just tell the performer is having fun. And iiwaa was having a blast. Throughout their performance they were smiling, dancing, and encouraging the audience to sing (and we sang our little hearts out). Tangerine Lamborghini was a particularly fun performance, one of the few songs iiwaa raps on, and the one that had us all bobbing our heads. After every song, I couldn’t help but wonder if Boys Don’t Cry was gonna be next. It ended up being their last, and it left me holding back tears as I watched iiwaa give a speech about loss, depression, and how boys do, in fact, cry.

Just hours before performing, iiwaa had a balloon release in memory of their brother, who’s life was tragically ended shortly by suicide. It was the anniversary of his passing, and the song was dedicated to him. Pacing the stage, with their eyes on the ground, occasionally looking up, iiwaa spoke with a heavy heart. Stating how they always felt like they were pursuing this path for their brother by working endlessly, and constantly pushing for success. It was only recently that iiwaa found it within their self, to start doing it more for them as well. Finding worth when looking in, and finding that it’s okay to do something they love, simply because they love it, and not only in the memory of their brother. With these two driving forces, passion prevails. Making iiwaa a shining example of a dedicated artist.

The sheer strength, professionalism, vulnerability, and transparency from iiwaa was admirable. As a show goer, I was beyond moved and fixated on iiwaa. Unable to look away, and taking in every word. As an artist, I was immensely inspired.

With that, came the opening notes to one of my favorite songs.

“They say boys don’t cry, guess I’m not a boy am I? Guess I’m not a boy am I…

I reached for the hand of my partner, and rested my head on her shoulder, and watched as iiwaa sang with the same look that HANDSXFEET had worn prior. The look of a sincere musician that seriously loves what they’re doing.

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Leave it up to Gift & Thrift to compile a lineup so conspicuous that tickets were still being bought well after the doors closed. I should know. I was working the door the night Mikey Flors, Sweet Summer, Louie on Tour, Freud, Wah-Wah, Bethany Home, and Bummer Girl all played at The Underground. In the midst of checking tickets and marking X’s I was shuffling downstairs, eager to catch at least one song from every act. With it being a Saturday night, and the last band scheduled for 10:30, I prepared myself for the long, loud, and lively night I had ahead of me.

It was my first time working the door of a show, and for the most part, I enjoyed it. Seeing how stoked the fans were was enlightening, and seeing how proud family members were was warming. “Who are you here to see?” was my main question of the night, and although it was mainly to keep track of recent ticket sales for the performers, I was also genuinely curious. Sometimes I wouldn’t even have to ask ‘cause some folks showed up already wearing merch, which is always awesome to see.

Soulful, indie art rock was the first sound to fill The Underground that evening. Mikey Flors crooned behind dreamy keys and bright melodies from his band, The Enjoyers, as the audience swayed from side to side. Solidifying my new liking for Mikey Flors + The Enjoyers was their wicked cover of Love Song by The Cure. Riveting and refreshing, this band does not disappoint when it comes to getting the party started.

Following Mikey Flors was SweetSummer. A fairly new five piece Rock band from Tempe. The voice of front man Austin Colmenares equally soars and stings. Serenading through one song and packing a punch on the next. I was upstairs when I heard the intro to Somebody Told Me by The Killers, and it wasn’t long before I made my way back down, singing the lyrics with everyone else in the room. Sweet Summer is the feelgood band you didn’t know you needed. Don’t believe me? Check out their song Deja Vu!

If you saw me at the door that night and recognized the punk rock baby on my shirt, then you’d know that I was stoked to see the next band of the evening. The punk rock baby of course being the Louis on Tour logo. Shana, Nick, Jesse, Tyler, and Sam are no strangers to The Underground. Chemistry radiates from the band as they deliver an endless amount of energy, feeding the kids who just wanna mosh. At one point Shana plants herself right in front of the stage. “I’m not kidding. GET IN THE PIT!” And just like that, the kids go nuts.

Back at the door I hear the resounding applause from below me, further confirming a thought I had prior while checking tickets.

‘This crowd is just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger.’

As the night went on not only did the crowd get bigger, but it also got wilder. The next band to take the stage was Wah-Wah. An exciting alternative rock band from Gilbert. Alan Flores and Jaden Estrada deliver only the catchiest of riffs while Austin Eggers and Devoe Mills provide only the grooviest of beats. As the night progressed I got busier and busier, so while I was able to hear everything, l was mainly upstairs during this period of the night. I did, however, manage to sneak downstairs just in time to see a fan stage dive during Wah-Wah’s set and that was cool enough for me!

Freud was next. Still slammed upstairs, Steven from Gift & Thrift came up to me.

“Have you seen this band yet? They got a drummer on vocals, go check it out!”

When I got downstairs the floor was packed, there was a mosh pit, and the sound was booming. Immediately I’m impressed with the drumming and overall music from the band.

WE ARE FREUD NOT SIGMUND was painted in red on a white poster board amidst a vigorous bass solo. These dudes definitely know how to put on a show, and I’m looking forward to the day I get to catch a full set from them.

After Freud Nadeen of Gift & Thrift informed me that the doors were closing. This meant that I was able to stay in The Underground and catch the full set from the last two acts! The first of the two being Bethany Home. Having listened to their music prior, I was stoked to finally have the chance to see these guys live. There was dancing (fast and slow) and singing from the crowd. Relatable emo lyrics, melodious indie tunes, and a memorable stage presence from the band makes for one awesome performance.

And of course, the last band of the night, Bummer Girl. Another band I’ve never seen live, but heard nothing but good things about. Let me just say, they definitely lived up to the expectations. With guitar solos that’ll leave your entire face on the floor, and drum solos that’ll make your head explode, Bummer Girl’s take on rock and roll is a classic one with modern charisma, leaving every fan that’s front row charmed and enraptured. To quote front man Walter, last Saturday night at The Underground was “the best party I’ve ever been to!”

Photos above by @brianbutonline

Here is a gallery of another set of amazing photos, this time from @solomondotdotdot

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